History of Riviera Primary
In the beginning...
It’s the morning of 28 April 1907. On the corner of Viljoen and Rose Street, next to a donkey camp, stood one teacher, 37 learners and a two-room school building. The school opens in Pretoria, with Mrs. Brierly as principal and English the medium of Education. 
Initially, no sport activities were held at the school, but through the years this was corrected. By 1920 the school boasted 127 learners with seven teachers. Seven years later, during 1927, Mr L G Colinette took over as Principal and the school became a parallel-medium school to cater for the growing number of Afrikaans-speaking learners.
In 1935 the ten existing classrooms became too small to accommodate all the learners. Two thatched roof buildings were built on the Western side of the school. The walls were only 2 feet high. During summer, the learners had plenty of fresh air, but during the rainy days and cold winters, it became unbearably uncomfortable.
Once a week learners were taken to a school in Gezina (the present Laerskool Eben Swemmer) for woodworking- and domestic science classes.
By 1937 the school started to show progress on the sport field when they won a Cricket League.
During World War 2, the morning Worship was still opened with “God Save the King” and was held in the courtyard on days it did not rain. At that time the school did not have a Hall. On the lovely grounds at the bottom of the school, learners usually enjoyed some milk and fresh fruit.
In 1944, the lack of classrooms forced Mrs. M Gildenhuys to move into the Recreational Centre across the street, with approximately 30 Gr.2 learners. She had to use a small blackboard on an easel. The learners enjoyed the walk from and to the school immensely.  At a later stage another class was sent over to the Recreational Centre, but the two rooms faced opposite to each other and this ignited a huge problem. The teachers were not able to teach at the same time as the learners would listen to the wrong teacher. Gradually the two teachers adapted and started to work very well together. 
1947 was the dawning of a new era. On the 15 of April 1947, Laerskool Riviera became an Afrikaans medium school with Mr. P H K Brits as the first acting Principal, 9 teachers and 331 learners. The opening replica of the Voortrekkermonument on the school premises at the same time as the unveiling of the Voortrekkermonument in 1949. The ceremony at the school was conducted by Mr. B J Viljoen, an inspector if the Department of Education. Every learner placed a pebble into wet cement after his speech. Today there are still people who can remember the event.
The 1950’s were prosperous years indeed. In 1950 the new sport “Jukskei” was introduced, although little interest was shown at first, learners quickly adopted and it became very popular. In 1952 the school concert was held in celebration of the school’s 5th birthday as an Afrikaans medium school.  In 1952 the first Scholar Patrol was initiated and in 1953 a temporary classroom was used as a Library. 
In July 1953 a newsletter was sent from The Transvaal Educational Board, to all the parents, notifying them that all learners east of 18th Avenue, will hence forth attend Laerskool Pierneef.
As the school progressed, so did its rugby. In 1954 the Eben Swemmer-trophy was won for the first time. Netball and athletics also became important parts of the extra-mural activities. Today, learners are presented with the opportunity to participate in a variety of sport activities. In 1972 the school paid R2 503 for our old mini bus and in 1985, we paid R18 779 for the new one, which was “taken” from Alpheus during a hi-jacking drama in 2006.
Laerskool Riviera was also very fortunate and very proud to be the official South African Champions in drum majorettes during the period of 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2000.
In 2005 we once again became a double-medium school and the first English learners were admitted to the school. 
The teachers at our school are doing amazing work and we trust that Laerskool Riviera will continue to grow and prosper in the future.
When the school reopened on 11 January 2005, we enrolled 295 learners at the school. This was the first time that the school had grade 1 and grade 2 English classes. This was an historic event where learners from grade 4-7 had to participate in both English and Afrikaans Speech evenings. 
During these years, we always participated against our neighboring schools and Laerskool Riviera was a force to be reckoned with. In 2008 the learners numbers had increased from 282 to 348 learners. This was also the first year that the school had 3 grade 1 and 3 grade 2 classes. The school also started with a grade R-R class. On 24 April 2008 a dream of management and SGB realized when the school opened their first Computer centre.
In 2009, Laerskool Riviera received a P3 status which meant that the school could qualify for 1 Deputy Principal and a 3rd HOD. On 21 January 2013 the learner numbers of the school rose to 659 of which 98% of the learners spoke English. By the end of 2013 the school was growing at a good pace.
We started with only 621 learners at Laerskool Riviera for 2014. By the end of 2014 the SGB and SMT made an informal decision to change Laerskool Riviera to a full English medium school.
Laerskool Riviera is a full English medium school. From 2017 our school will be known as Riviera Primary.
Principals at Riviera Primary
  • Mr. C.J. Viljoen (29.7.47 - 31.12.69)
  • Mr. W.A. Lemmer (1.1.70 - 30.4.77)
  • Mr. L.R. Bredenkamp (1.4.78 - 1.12.85)
  • Mr. L.M.P. Swanepoel (1986 - 1992)
  • Mr. P. van Coller (1993 - 3.2002)
  • Mr. P.J. van Rooyen (4.2002 - 2013)
  • Mr. D.J. Breet (2013 - Current)
Deputy Principals at Riviera Primary
  • Dr. J.A. Holtzhausen (15.4.47 - 4.1951)
  • Mr. J.A. Jooste (30.7.51 - 30.4.58) - First Deputy Principal
  • Mr. W.A. Lemmer (30.7.52 - 30.4.58) - Second Deputy Principal
  • Mr. W.A. Lemmer (1.5.58 - 31.12.69) First Deputy Principal
  • Ms. R.A.E Brune (1.4.66 - 31.12.68) Second Deputy Principal
  • Mr. P.F. van Tonder (1.1.71 - 31.12.72)
  • Mr. L.R. Bredenkamp (1.1.74 - 30.3.78)
  • Mr. P.S. van Rooyen (1.8.78 - )
  • Ms. E.M. van der Merwe (1.8.79 - )
  • Ms. A.L. Janse van Vuuren (1.7.2013 - 2018)
  • Mr. S. Lubbe (2018 - 2019)
  • Ms. N. Pretorius/Breet (2019 - Current)